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Text To Table is one of the most useful applications available for your smartpen and without it your smartpen is missing a key feature!

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Text To Table makes capturing data in rows and columns a breeze. The rows of the table are the rows of your notebook. The columns of the table are created by drawing vertical lines on your notebook when you start the application.

As you write in the cells of the table, your text is recognized in real time and displayed on the pen’s display. To improve the recognition success rate, you can choose between three different modes: Number mode, alphabet mode and a full recognition mode where numbers and letters are recognized. In all modes punctuation marks are also recognized.

You can create multiple tables and move between them seamlessly, as all tables are automatically saved.

After you have finished entering data into your table, you can easily transfer that table to your computer using the Text To Table Desktop application, which will provide you with a list of tables on the pen. You can choose to either save individual tables, or all of the tables on your PC.

The transferred tables are saved as comma separated value files (.csv) and can be opened using most spreadsheet applications, such as Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice and Google Docs. Depending on your spreadsheet application, you can change the format of certain cells and perform various calculations on your data.

Hand written table. Characters as recognized as you write.
The table transferred to Excel with Text To Table Desktop

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