Text To Table User Guide

This guide will help you to use Text To Table. Text To Table is a powerful tool and yet very easy to use. You will be able to master it in just a few minutes.

To start the application on your smartpen do the following:

  1. Tap on one of the four arrows at the bottom of the paper
  2. Scroll down to Applications by tapping on the down arrow. Tap on the right arrow to view the list of installed applications
  3. Scroll down and select Text To Table by tapping on the right arrow.

How to create a new table

  1. Once launched, Text To Table’s menu will be displayed. Select New Table by tapping on the right arrow.
  2. From there you just follow the instructions on the pen’s display, namely:
  3. Draw vertical lines for the columns. Double tap when done. The column separators have to be at least 3 lines long and be relatively straight.
  4. Draw the letter M outside the table. Double tap when done. This is used to change the text mode between letters, numbers or both letters and number recognition. See The recognition system and text mode below for details.
  5. Choose the fixed alpha numerical columns if enabled. Double tap when done. See Settings below for details.
  6. You can now write freely in your table. The pen's display will show in which cell you are currently writing, what has been recognized in that cell and also what text mode is currently used. As you write the table is automatically saved. The file name of the table is saved in the following format: T[table number]-Date-Time_B[Book number]_P[Page number].csv

Transferring the tables

To transfer the tables to your computer, install Text To Table Desktop. Open Text To Table Desktop and connect your pen to your PC. Once connected, the tables on the pen will be displayed in the list. Simply double click the table that you want to open. It will save the file in the default location and open it in your default spreadsheet program. You can save a table in a specific location by choosing Save Selected As. To save all of the tables on your pen, choose Save All in Default Path. You can change the default save path by choosing Edit->Change default save path.

If each line of your table is displayed in a single column, it means Excel is not reading the table correctly. Check Add CSV list separator from the File menu to rectify the problem. This is mostly applicable only to non-English speaking users.

Note that Text To Table Desktop is only available for Windows based computers. The Livescribe libraries that are used to transfer the data can only be used in Windows. Remember that if you are using a Mac and have access to a windows based PC, you can quickly download the Excel file. Once you have the file, you can open it on your Mac.

The recognition system and text modes

The pen uses advanced recognition software to decode written characters in real time. When used correctly, written characters are recognized very accurately. Different text modes can be used to maximize recognition accuracy. The following text modes are available:

  • Numeric/Numbers. Indicated as 123 in the pen's display
  • Alpha/Letters. Indicated as ABC in the pen's display
  • Alpha Numeric/Letters and number. Indicated as A/1 in the pen's display

Additionally, all text modes recognizes + - . ? * % # $ @ < > and in number mode ( ) ^ are also recognized. You can also specify the case of the letters that must be recognized (refer to Settings below for more info). To toggle between the different text modes tap on the M that you write when the table is created.

To minimize manually switching between text modes you can specify columns that must automatically change the text mode to Alpha Numeric (A/1) when you write in them. Once you write in another column, the text mode will change back to the last used text mode. This is very helpful when one of the columns contains numbers and another letters as you don't have to change between the text modes manually. This is an optional setting that you can set in the settings menu.

It is important to write neat and legible for the recognition engine to successfully recognize the text you entered. You might have to adjust your writing style slightly to minimize errors. Also remember to choose the writing mode (number, letters or both) that matches your current input the closest. The best advice is to create a few practice tables to determine what works best for you. Remember that writing neater might be a bit slower, but it will certainly save you time in the long run.

Keep in mind that text recognition is a complex process so it can take a few fractions of a second to recognize characters. If you write very fast and you move from one cell to the next, the last few written characters might not get recognized. Therefore, ensure that all characters have been recognized before moving to a next cell.


To access the settings, tap on one of the arrows at the bottom of the paper and scroll down to settings. The following settings are available:

  • Letter case recognition options. Change the case of the recognized letters to either both upper and lower case, only upper case or only lower case. Choose the option that best matches your writing style and required input.
  • Enable/Disable Double Tap Clear. If you make a mistake, you can clear a cell by double tapping in that cell. Note that there is a 0.5 second delay before the cell is cleared to minimize accidental double taps. If the pen touches the paper within 0.5 seconds after the double tap, the double tap is cancelled.
  • Enable/Disable fixed Alpha numerical (A/1) column selection when creating the table. If this option is set, there is an additional step when you create a table where you specify fixed alpha numerical columns. Refer to Text Modes above for more details.
  • Delete all tables. It is recommended to keep the number of tables on the device to fewer than 500. More than this might degrade the performance of the pen. If you reach this number, save all the tables on your computer and choose Delete all tables. Note that this cannot be undone.

Built in help

Text To Table also contains a few built in help items. To access these items, tap on one of the arrows at the bottom of the paper and scroll down to Help. The following help topics can be found:

  • About
  • Contact Us
  • Version
  • Text Mode Help
  • Transfer Help
  • Double Tap Clear Help
  • Show current table's filename

If you have any further queries please send it to support@pckapps.com

Watch a demo video of Text To Table

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